The all time favorite American boots

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Posted: 2009-12-26 07:10:20
When one thinks of listing down the all time favorite American boots which have been serving and styling generations of teenagers and grown-ups, one is bound to confront a long list. The list will comprise of brands which have taken form of a cult and have a fanatical customer base.Let's start with the Ariat boots. Since its inception the Ariat boots were designed to provide comfort to all equestrian athletes. One might think of show jumping or team penning, Ariat has a legacy of making world class boots. Ariat work boots that comprise of composite forked shank that provides stability and comfort. This simple yet supremely effective innovation makes the Ariat boots boots the preferred choice of many. Justin boots also available bear the proud name of its inventor H.J Justin, who came up with cowboy boots back in 1879. Since then, Justin boots have been associated with quality cowboy and cowgirl boots. Today the Justin boot company has the entire range of Justin work boots and casual boots. The Justin work boots again have several classifications like the 6" or 8" lace or logger.The Georgia boots is considered the out and out work boot manufacturing company. For the last 60 years, this Ohio based shoe company has been manufacturing high-quality Georgia work boots. With the introduction of Comfort Core® Insole Technology in 1992, the Georgia work boots became a revolution. Being one of the best work boots, Georgia boots consists of collection boots for each outdoor and work activity. Rocky boots have created a niche for itself in the recreational and occupational footwear. Rocky boots which is based in Ohio have been producing boots since 1932 and now have 3000 retail and catalog outlets including. Just like its competitors, the Rocky work boots come in steel toe and non steal toes. With brilliant designs and strong marketing, rocky work boots appeal to the taste of workaholics and fashion enthusiasts. If there is a brand that has established itself as a true commercial best seller, it has to be the magnum work boots. With modern designs, Magnum boots represent boots for today modern generation and are a big hit. With innovative technology at the core of its each pair, Magnum boots have is almost a part of uniform for many law enforcement agencies including the military. Needless to say the Magnum work boots are designed to stand up even in the most demanding conditions. When it comes to Wolverine boots, there is a legend attached to it. It is said that wolverine boots were used by men who made railroads. A strong 125 old tradition of making premium quality work boots puts Wolverine work boots in a different league all technology such as Durashocks®, wolverine work boots continue to be the favorite boots for many hard working men and women. Incidentally all the brands mentioned above are readily and one can find a pretty good bargain. Shopping for boots was never so fun and convenient on the pocket. For more information on Ariat boots, Justin work boots, Georgia boots, Rocky boots visit our website.
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