What is a Good Low Cost Automobile Insurance Plan?

       By: Sveinung Skoglund
Posted: 2009-12-07 05:08:52
If you own any type of motor vehicle, the law states that you must possess some form of automobile insurance plan for the said vehicle. Hefty fines and sometimes even legal action are levied upon car owners who drive without such insurance. The rates of the fines differ from state to state, and this cost is directly drawn from the number of driver's in that particular state who are uninsured. In Massachusetts, offenders can expect to be charged anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in fines and various penalties. In some cases they may even be sentenced to prison for a period of up to one-year. In the states of Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut and New Jersey, such an offense will more than likely result in the impounding of your vehicle. You will probably run up a bill of up to a few thousand dollars trying to get your car out of the pound and even that may even take up to several months!As you can see there are many serious and potentially bothersome legal consequences that can arise from simply neglecting to pay your automobile insurance premiums on time. That and the realization that you are breaking the law should be enough to convince most any person to head on down to that automobile insurance office and sign up. If all that is not enough to convince you however and you are still looking for reasons to take out a car insurance plan, consider the potentially tragic and very possible consequences of not having any type of auto insurance. If you run into any type of accident at all, you would be in deep trouble indeed, much more so if upon investigation, the cause of the accident was deemed to be your fault. If you had auto insurance protection, you would at least have some means to extract yourself from this potentially sticky legal situation and possibly have a way to make back the money that you had initially invested in the purchase of the said car.Or let us say your car was stolen. Without a comprehensive anti theft auto insurance plan, you may as well kiss any hopes of ever seeing that car goodbye. While a good anti theft plan will not help you get that particular car back, you will at least sleep easier knowing that in the unfortunate and unforeseen event of a car theft, you will be able to purchase a replacement with the proceeds from the car insurance plan a very short time after. Surely that is enough to give even the most anxious car owner a good measure of comfort and relief.If you are looking for cheap automobile insurance that can provide the service that even more expensive car insurance companies cannot offer you, you may want to check out GEICO Auto Insurance. The company offers spectacularly low rates on their plans coupled with great service all around. All these are backed up by one of the largest and most solid financial forces in the industry.
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