Baby Jewelry - Pamper Your Little Ones

       By: Nidhi Nangia
Posted: 2009-11-24 06:43:11
The cutest and most adorable beings on earth are babies. Human or animal, parents eternally tend to give their best to babies. And why not, they are gift of God and priceless gem of their heart.Since ancient times most precious and desirable belonging of ladies is nothing but jewels. Therefore before the baby comes out of womb not only do parents prepare for each and every necessity of newborn but also mums start the hunt for baby jewelry to adorn and pamper the little ones. Mums need to be extremely cautious while doing that. Baby jewels should be light, soft and comfortable. Too exorbitant jewelry should not be bought for the little ones as it could be accidentally spoilt or lost.In Indian culture right after birth babies are gifted jewels especially from their grandparents. And the first pieces of jewel they wear are bracelets with black beads to keep the delicate darlings away from evil spirits. Keeping in mind delicate skin and safety also, a gorgeous baby bracelet embedded with colored gemstones with proper clasps and closures could be a very good idea for a newborn. However as the sizing issue comes much earlier gold should be preferred over platinum.Baby necklace is a keepsake item which is often passed down to generations and reminds of special occasions. A sweet little pendant in shape of teddy bear or chiming heart makes it even more alluring and sentimental. While buying a necklace it is very important to check the security locks and texture of the chain. Another precaution while buying baby necklace is the length which should be comfortable enough but not to be left too loose around neck for baby to take the pendant in mouth or just remove without unlocking it.One to three years is the appropriate age to get ear piercing done to babies. There is a wide variety one could choose from in baby earrings. However for a year old, studs make the safest choice. Ruby studs in gold or platinum to sapphire, diamond with yellow gold and emeralds could adorn your princess till teenage. For babies touching their third year, hoop earrings are also a great idea. Set of mother and baby studs could be a favorite gift from someone dear.The movement of naughty toddlers could be tracked easily with jingle bell anklets. Tiny trendsetters love the jingle and become much more active and toddle all around. They are another keepsake for that posh lot.Mums often pass their own babyhood jewels to kids which reminds them their own beautiful childhood. Babyhood to teenage your princess would surely love to get adorned by jewels. So invest in beauty and sentiment of your little one right from the beginning.
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