Charmed Book of Shadows Facts

       By: Kim K Brown
Posted: 2009-11-19 05:19:38
The charmed book of shadows belongs to the Charmed Ones. The detailed rituals, demon vanquishing, magical spells and potions are all contents of this book. The charmed book of shadows has so much authoritative and detailed content that it leads this book to being considered the most powerful book of all time.This magical book was originally created by Melinda Warren. It has been passed down over the centuries from one generation to another in the Warren family.Created originally in the year 1693, the main objective of this book was to be used as a reference for the next practitioner or for the future generations of the Warren family. Every practitioner added her experiences or input for future reference. Thus the charmed book of shadows grew in size and power.The book of shadows is a large green colored book which is bound and has a embossed Triquetra on the front cover. The Triquetra has been reported to change its shape depending upon the latest owner's emotional state or magical ability.The Book of Shadows possesses a magical power to protect itself against evil. The traits of the current owner of the book will be reflected in the book. If the sisters develop evil traits, the spells cast by using this book will also become evil. If the owner is good then accordingly the book starts casting good spells.If the spells are read by a demon in reverse order, then also the spells cast can be evil.The charmed book of shadows maintains its position inside the Manor, unless moved out by the charmed ones.It becomes useless or loses all its magical powers and all of its content, as soon as the sisters of the charmed family lose their powers. All in all, this book keeps you engrossed and captivated and there is not even a single moment when you get bored while reading it. Moreover, the suspense and intrigue never ends till you reach the encore where things begin to unfold themselves.
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