Why Most Energy Drinks Cause a Crash

       By: Samantha Dunkin
Posted: 2009-10-28 07:20:05
It's 3:00pm and your seating in your cubicle or office and you begin to regret eating that big lunch or staying up too late the night before. What is happening is what many of us begin to feel around this time of day which is a crash. Nap time hasn't made it to the corporate world unfortunately so we tend to turn to other products to maintain our energy during the day. One product that has become the "go-to" answer for these moments are energy drinks.In the last ten years or so energy drinks have become very popular, claiming to rejuvenate you, wake you up immediately, provide the boost needed when you are tired or need a pick me up. Though most of them claim to have no side effects and more importantly no crash, it has been more and more reported that they do in fact cause a crash.Many of these energy drinks contain sugar which inevitably results in a crash. Also, many times these drinks are consumed our stomachs are empty, causing the drink to metabolize quicker and cause a faster and harsher crashing feeling. What's more, many of these drinks are packed with more caffeine than two or even three cups of coffee which is why the spike of energy is so severe; it is only natural that the crash would be as severe.Our bodies also have a tendency to build up a tolerance to caffeine causing us to have to consume more of the energy drink to get the desired effect. Our bodies, having trouble metabolizing the excess caffeine often result in an even stronger crash. Many of these energy drinks cause rapid heart beats, sweating, nervousness, shaking, and a jittery feeling, clearly proving that our bodies are unable to deal with such high doses of caffeine and other ingredients that claim to provide immediate energy. There is inevitable side effects that will occur on the reverse end leading to the crash because our bodies don't have any other way to process the chemicals.While energy drinks claim to be natural and safe, it is important to note all of the ingredients that go into an energy drink and note the serving size. Most energy drinks come in a large can that is meant to be two servings, yet most people drink the can in one sitting setting their bodies into caffeine overload. Be sure to do your research before consuming these magical potions.Samantha Dunkin is an expert on natural products and has spent the last few weeks looking into healthy energy drinks. She began by trying various products found in grocery stores, and then moved on to ones found exclusively on the internet. One of the few products that was able to give her the boost she was looking for without the crash was FRS Healthy Energy. This product is available as a free trial offer.
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