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       By: Birendra Singh
Posted: 2009-10-01 06:12:35
India presents visitors with a panorama of colors, cultures, sounds and lights. A visit is a feast for the senses, but more than that, it's a way to see and learn about aspects of nature and culture are far from our ordinary experience. Namaste, The Tour North India Delhi (Golden Triangle) Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are one of the most important destinations of northern India. The Americans, diplomats, business people, delegates, companies from India, always love to make this short trip for a few days. It would not be fair to say that the Golden Triangle in any event can become a piece to show what India has done. Golden Triangle Tour is made up of three tourist Destinations Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.Delhi Capital of India with 10 million inhabitants, the town is divided into two sectors: the old city, Old Delhi and New Delhi, the new city founded by the English. Both cities lie on the right bank of the Yamuna. The old city is made of an intricate network of alleyways clustered around the major axis Lotus Temple, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort and the Friday Mosque Jama Masjid. Agra (1 million inhabitants) is one of the main cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh, located 200 km from Delhi. The current Agra was founded under the Mughal era in 1566 by Akbar, which he made his capital. Under the reign of his grand-son Shahjahan (seventeenth century), the splendor of the city reached its peak. Aurangzeb moved the capital to Delhi. The city was conquered in 1761 by the Jats and the Marathas in 1779. In 1803 it was occupied by the English. Here you find the Red Fort and Taj Mahal which is a miracle in itself. Today it is considered one of the best wonders in seven wonders of the world. Jaipur - (2 500 000 inhabitants) is the capital of Rajasthan. The walls and doors painted the walls pink Jaipur gave his nickname "Pink City". In the north a chain of hills, rise of ancient fortifications. Jaipur, the "city of Jai" is named after its founder, Prince astronomer Maharaja Jai Singh II who did design and build the city in 1727.Tailor Made
If you want to extend your visit, just look at the following destination to add to the Golden Triangle.

Varanasi "The Ganges"
Varanasi, formerly known as Benares, is one of the most important religious cities in India. When the streets of the old town, near the River Ganges, you will see holy men, sacred cows, sacred temples and the whole place.

Pushkar - The City of Lord Brahma
Pushkar is also known as the City of Brahma, as the famous temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, the only one you find in India, is here. Pushkar, surrounded by five rivers (ie, Suprabha, Prachi Nanda Saraswati, Kanaka and Pushkar) and over fifty ghats is a good stop on your trip to Rajasthan. Ranthambhore National Park
Ranthambore has been declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and is part of Project Tiger in 1973. Sawaimadhopur is the entry point to Ranthambore National Park, which is surrounded by VinJouras and the Aravali Hills. In the midst of vast expanses of arid and barren desert of Rajasthan is the ecology of the oasis of biomass. The Ranthambore National Park covers an area of 392 square kilometers of dense forest with waterfalls and Nullah.Every moment spent on the Indian subcontinent makes you feel it is huge, diverse and brimming with the energy of its one billion people, which is stimulation of the senses. Like no other place on earth, this stimulation comes from trees, sounds like an attraction for all the senses is a country filled with color, passion and constant movement are few places frequented. It is a country filled with color, passion and constant movementWhether your trip is done alone or group, Ezee Travel Solutions, Delhi prepare and arrange with you to match your expectations.
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