Hindi Language Learning - A Key To Global Business

       By: Sami Rathi
Posted: 2006-09-01 22:18:33
You will agree that language training is integral to success in the International setting. The ability to communicate in the local language of International colleagues and clients facilitates relationship building and fosters an atmosphere of credibility and trust. Knowledge of the local language gives international assignees a more thorough understanding of the host country's culture.Attaining a high level of linguistic proficiency can mean the difference between the success and failure of an International assignment. Increasingly, there is need for highly specialized training such as accent reduction, business writing in the target language, contract negotiation and skills to deliver presentations or conduct interviews.Having linguistically proficient personnel is often the best way to build and maintain relationships with local nationals. As users confidence in the target language increases, so does their ability to identify opportunities and broaden business capabilities.At the global level, there is a need to accept the profound effect Hindi language is likely to have as a result of India's economic rise and the sheer size of it's talent pool. Learning Hindi language could help you leverage this vast talent pool on your journey to your global business.If you see India less as a low cost provider of services and more as a place to build great businesses, then it is recommended to have effective Hindi Language Learning Programs which creates success & confidence by solving the problem of international communication in Hindi language.
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