Yeast Infection Symptoms, Cure and Prevention - Things You Will Want to Know

       By: Brian Prinz
Posted: 2009-07-15 04:46:50
Contracting yeast infection once in a person's life is a common situation, and contrary to the notion that only females can acquire this infection, males are also prone to this. In females, the most common form of this infection is vaginal infection. The overgrowth of Candida Albicans, a fungus that is commonly found in the genital regions, digestive tract, and mouth cavity, causes this type of infection.Despite being a common occurrence, yeast overgrowth infection should not be taken for granted. Instead, you should still equip yourself with the proper knowledge about it for you to prevent it, and if in the future you get to encounter it, you would know how to cure this infection with the help of this basic information.1. SymptomsAmong the most common symptoms are severe itching and pain in the genital regions and soreness, but in other cases, patients suffering from this type of infection also manifest other symptoms such development of rashes, fatigue, and headaches.For women, the diagnosis of a yeast infection is often based on the symptoms that the patient experiences. Aside from this, gynecological doctors also conduct examinations such as a slide test that determines the presence of yeast in a woman's vaginal secretions.2. CureThe growth of the infection in its early stage can be intervened with the use of medicated creams, vaginal suppositories, or oral pills. These medications are all easily accessible in the market. However, once the symptoms worsen, proper medical attention should be given to a person with yeast infection.3. PreventionTo be able to prevent yeast infection from occurring, wearing cotton underwear, instead of the nylon ones, can be one of the best means. Since bad bacteria that cause infection thrive in wet and moist places, see to it that you always keep your genital areas clean and dry. Antibiotics, unprotected sex, and some yeast containing food also contribute to the growth of yeast infection. Avoiding them will surely be a good way to prevent this infection from coming.As mentioned earlier, yeast infection is a condition that should not cause you any alarm. There are a lot of ways for you to cure it and aside from medications; you can also manage such infection with the use of natural remedies. Just remember not to hesitate to consult a physician once the infection recurs.
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