6 Facts About Body Fat You Must Know to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner

       By: Rangarajan Chakravarthi
Posted: 2009-07-09 06:59:11
Obesity, gives rise to several health issues that could threaten your normal life with health complications. Therefore, when you are overweight or obese, you will be forced to look for ways to lose fat from your body without getting ripped off in the process. The steps you take will involve losing fat and avoiding building up further fat,by including the right foods in your daily meals and going through a strict exercise regimen. The lessons you learn here will help you to continue to stay lean, muscular, healthy and happy through your golden years. Interesting? Then read on....1. Do All Weight Loss Programs Help You To Burn Your Body Fat?People follow weight loss plans for different purposes. General weight loss or body building programs will not necessarily result in fat loss from your body. When your goal is to lose body fat you should be careful in choosing the right program that will make you lose fat from your body.2. What Factors Influence the Fat-Calories equation?The major factors are: your weight, the kind of food you eat and your life style. For starters, you can assume the values mentioned in the equation given below. Later on determine the correct numbers for your body, so that,you can plan how to lose weight by burning fat in a systematic manner.3. Know The Body Fat--Calories EquationYou should know how much work[out] you must do in order to lose 'X' number of pounds from your body fat. If you work out and burn just 3,500 calories, you will lose one pound of fat from your body. Knowing this simple equation will make you feel more confident about following a suitable fat loss program.Burning 3.500 Calories= Losing 1pound of body fatDoctors recommend that you plan to lose about 2-3 pounds of weight per week in order to ensure that your body properly adjusts to the weight loss.Again this is a general guideline. You can lose even 5 pounds in a week. There are fat loss programs that claim you will lose more than 20 pounds in one month. A reputed weight loss professional will help you to choose a suitable program for you. When you plan to lose more than 2 pounds per week it is advisable to consult your family doctor and get his concurrence.4. Do People of All Weight Groups Lose Fat At The Same Rate?There are statistics to prove that the more your weight is the more body fat you will burn while doing some physical activity in a given time. Therefore, overweight and obese people will lose fat faster than those who are of average weight or underweight. This factor can be a major influence while finalizing your Fat--Calories Equation.5. How To Overcome The Body Fat Accumulation?There will be fat accumulation in your body when you burn less fat than the fat your body absorbs from the foods you consume. You must always be alert to burn more fat than the fat your body absorbs from your foods you eat. This illustrates the importance of combining your fat burning exercises with a correctly planned diet program to lose fat in a healthy manner.6. Can You Ensure A Lean And Muscular Body If You Eat Only Fat Free Foods?Totally fat free food does not guarantee fat loss. In fact 'no fat' food is bad for your health. Your body needs certain fats on a regular basis. Therefore, eat foods that contain poly- unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats. Consult a qualified dietitian who will recommend the right kind of foods you need to eat to get 'good fats' for your body's needs.ConclusionAll these facts mentioned above go to show that the numbers given above do not apply to all individuals equally well. At best they are some metrics to get you started on the right track. You will have to establish the numbers for your body with the help of your fitness trainer after undergoing the necessary physical and medical tests. If you follow this your body fat will be under control as you continue to lose fat in a healthy manner.
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