Activity Jobs On Cruise Ships

       By: Edward Orton
Posted: 2009-07-01 03:54:12
One good way to see the world without spending any money, and even earn on the process, is to work on a ship. A cruise ship is like a small society that is full of people from different cultures and countries. One of the needed item on a ship to make it function well is a reliable staff and crew. And if you would like to be a part of that society, there is no other better job on a cruise ship than those jobs in the activities department. It is a fun department to be in and surely you would enjoy it. If you are interested on working on a cruise ship and under this department, you might want to see the following categories/jobs that you can consider.Activities Coordinator
Usually has a team to handle and coordinates all the activities onboard with the help of his/her staff. The coordinator must be able to interact with the guests and his staff and should be able to supervise the activities on board.Arts and Crafts Teacher
These position recquires the person to be artistic and to have an experience in teaching arts and crafts and usually this person is also responsible in supplying the materials needed for the class.Lecturers
One of the attraction, aside from beautiful destinations and food on board, are the outstanding lecture series. People who enjoy speaking in public and has knowledge about the different parts of the world usually have this job.Host/hostess
The host is almost always interacting and helping the passenger of the ship. They usually greet the passengers before boarding the ship and are responsible on special requests made by the passengers such as birthday parties or other social gathering.Shore Excursion Manager
Responsible for promoting and selling excursion activities or trips which is a huge part of a cruising experience. This person also is responsible for monetary transactions and accounting. An organized person with experience with sales and marketing will definitely suit this job.Shore Excursion Staff
Under the shore excursion manager, the staff members are in charge of the tours/trips sales desk and deals with passenger complains or requests.
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