Xbox 360 2 Flashing Red Lights - How to Fix It?

       By: Robert Macmillan
Posted: 2009-06-21 07:21:47
It is true that Xbox 360 has become one of the most widespread consoles in the world. But it has a drawback of deficient cooling system, which leads the console to get overheated easily. That is why this gaming console has its own limitations. If you keep playing for a long time, it may start to malfunction and causes the errors like 2 flashing red lights.If your console is showing 2 flashing red lights around the power button, then definitely it is the outcome of excess heat to the console. In this sense, your console needs some fixing. There are some ways to fix this problem.One way is to employ a cooling fan to cool down the console. This will help the console to cool down to the normal temperature. But beware while employing the cooling fan, don't opt for an AC cooling system, since the outer extreme cold temperature and the inwardly heated console may cause friction and it may damage the tiny and fragile components of the console.The other way to fix the 2 flashing red lights is, unplug the console and blow out the gathered dust in and around the console. The accumulated dust may cause to overheat the console. That is why removing this dust may excavate the blocked holes of the console and it will help to release the excess heat and cool down the console naturally.Even after using above mentioned methods, if the 2 red lights are still flashing, then better to send your console to the Microsoft service center and let them fix the problem for free of cost. The repairing will take around a month.If your warranty has run out, then it is best to repair the console by yourself. What you need is to follow a DIY repair guide. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can disassemble, repair the problem and reassemble the console. Even if you are a novice, the thorough video course will make your repair sure and easier.To Fix 2 red lights error is not a problem at all, so long as you have quality resources. Read the repair guide here, and you will know how to fix the 2 red lights error. This quality step-step instructions guide found here will help you crack the Xbox 360's 2 red lights error with ease, which will ensure you can start enjoying gaming rather easily.
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