Closing the Gap between Tasks and ToDo's

       By: Dr Neil Miller
Posted: 2009-06-13 08:32:39
The workplace is more complex that it needs to be, because Tasks and ToDo's are poorly connected. Tasks are what needs to be completed and a list of ToDo's detail how a task will be done.Normally tasks are managed by managers and ToDo's are managed on various lists by the teams and individuals doing the tasks. The connection between Tasks and ToDo's is best explained by considering the following typical process.The usual process is:
•A person is made responsible to complete a task
•The person responsible decides whose assistance they need to get the task done
•The people involved collaborate to create a list of actions required to complete the task
•Each person records (usually on paper) the specific actions they need to do to complete the task
•Each person then adds their actions to their personal ToDo list so they don't forgetThis typical process highlights the gap between Tasks and ToDo's. Bridging the gap between Tasks and ToDo's relies on all the people involved maintaining links between them. This is relatively easy for one task, but most people in the workplace are involved in many tasks.Maintaining the links between Tasks and ToDo's is complex hard work that is rarely done effectively. Consequently there is an urgent need for a solution that automatically keeps Tasks and ToDo's synchronized. This will reduce personal stress, increase productivity and reduce the high risk of people forgetting to do an action required to complete a task.TASKey has spent over 12 years developing and validating a solution that can create continuous links from Tasks to ToDo's. The solution makes it easy to link corporate plans and strategies to operations and projects and then to the Tasks and ToDo's people are actually doing. By eliminating gaps between Tasks and ToDo's, real-time reporting based on what is actually happening (ToDo's being completed) can be easily achieved.Using web software to close the gap between Tasks and ToDo's has made the solution easy to apply globally. Users need little training, because all the complex synchronization required to eliminate the gaps between Tasks and ToDo's is done automatically by the software.
Dr Neil Miller
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