5 Must See Attractions in Sydney Australia

       By: Justin Frost
Posted: 2009-06-02 05:02:38
There are many beautiful city's in Australia but Sydney has to be the best for a number of reasons. The amazing Sydney harbour bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the many museums, art gallery's and shops are just some of the attractions. In this article I list the top 10 must see locations in the city of Sydney, NSW, Australia.Australia is well known for its beaches, surf, the desert, flies and Crocodile Dundee. The country is also very well know for its most famous city, Sydney. If you were to ask a non-Australian to name an Australian city it is very likely they will say Sydney even though Sydney is in fact not the capital of Australia. Australia has many diverse and amazing tourist destinations to visit and visiting Sydney is a must with its many well known buildings, structures and events. 1) The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Sydney Harbour Bridge can not be missed if you are in Sydney. The bridge is referred to by the Sydney locals as the Coat-hanger. It carries 8 lanes of traffic, a footpath, a cycleway and 2 train lines. It carries what is one of Australia's shortest, but also its busiest highway, "The Bradfield Highway". The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the fourth longest single-span steel arch bridge in the world, behind Bayonne Bridge in New York, The New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia and the longest which is The Lupu Bridge in Shanghai. 2) The Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House (1957 - 1973) is a masterpiece of late modern architecture. It is admired internationally and proudly treasured by the people of Australia. It was created by a young architect who understood and recognised the potential provided by the site against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour. The distinctive roof comprises sets of interlocking vaulted 'shells' set upon a vast terraced platform and surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses.3) Darling HarbourSydney's Darling Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. It also has a huge range of shops, cafes, bars, and entertainment. As one of Sydney's favourite waterfront destinations, Darling Harbour offers every opportunity to get out on and experience Sydney Harbour. Discover the history and stories of the seas at the Australian National Maritime Museum, or learn about Australian culture and history at the Powerhouse Museum.4) Sydney Entertainment CentreThe Sydney Entertainment Centre's location is one of convenience. Situated on the fringe of Chinatown, adjacent to Darling Harbour and a short walk to the CBD, the Centre truly captures the liveliness and colour that is Sydney.The award-winning facility has achieved a worldwide reputation for its ability to host some of the biggest names in entertainment history and continues to set new standards in service and facilities.5) The Rocks SydneyThe Rocks Discovery is a free, family friendly harbour side town which is also the oldest town in Sydney. The Rocks Discovery Museum tells the story of The Rocks area of Sydney from pre-European days to the present. Housed in a restored 1850s sandstone warehouse, The Rocks Discovery Museum is home to a unique collection of images and archaeological artefacts found in The Rocks. The exhibits are filled with interactive fun, using touch screens, audio and visual elements to bring the history of the area alive.Learn about the area's traditional landowners, the establishment of the English colony and the time when sailors, whalers and traders made the area their home; through to the 1970s union-led protests which preserved this unique part of Sydney for future generations to explore and enjoy.
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