Michelle Obama Has an Organic Vegetable & Fruit Garden and Lawn in the White House

       By: Tim Lucas
Posted: 2009-04-22 06:38:32
It is in the news that Michelle Obama is growing an organic garden in the White House. Everyone knows this. Michelle Obama understands the importance of having an organic garden in the home. You should have one too. Read more to find out the exact plan of Michelle Obama's White House garden and detailed tips to build one at your house.Why is she doing this? Why is this news so popular?1. Michelle Obama seems to be a nature lover and she wants to send a message to every American that Organic Vegetables and Fruits are the best foods for you and your family.
2. Organic vegetables and fruits do not contain any harmful pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, sprays, hormone injections and other things used to ripen the fruits early. These are completely natural and that is why they are very healthy.
3. Organic raw foods are a lot tastier than the other raw foods. This is because no sprays, synthetic fertilizers or ripening chemicals are used on these.
4. By growing organic vegetables and fruits in the white house garden, Michelle Obama wants to stay close to the nature and wants to keep her children close to the nature.
5. This is a great hobby and she loves gardening.Now, you can also have an organic garden in your home for all the same reasons for which Michelle Obama has a White House garden.You can save Hundreds of dollars in vegetable and food costs every month with this. This is a great pass time as well. This can be great for your family too.Growing an organic garden is not difficult. You can learn all the little details step by step from choosing the plants, plantation of seeds, watering, caring and all the other things very easily. Not much work is needed but the rewards are great for you.Even if you don't have your own garden, pots are great for growing your own stuff. There are hundreds of useful things which can be easily in pots.Checkout The Organic White House-Garden Guide. Learn what Michelle Obama is growing and much more.
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