Shoulder Pain Remedy - 6 Simple Remedies For Not Feeling Like Atlas Anymore

       By: Ashish K Arora
Posted: 2009-04-19 08:06:03
Are you someone who feels like Atlas, with all the weight in the world causing you untold pain in your shoulder? Then you need to immediately pay attention to your shoulder pain. Chances for complete cure are more when you treat the condition early. When it comes to shoulder pain remedy, there are several options available to you these days. Let us take a look at some of the most effective remedies to get rid of the pain, once for all.1. Lifting some light weight barbells is a good shoulder pain remedy that you can try out. Make sure though that you use very light weights and do the exercises in consultation with a qualified physical therapist. Lifting weights over several repetitions is known to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. Strong rotator cuff muscles are necessary for prevention for recurrence of this pain.2. Another simple shoulder pain remedy is to wear a muffler or a scarf. Many a times this kind of pain happens because people breathe in cold air. It is therefore important that you wear a scarf or a muffler during the winters.3. Natural body cleansing methods which help the body to get rid of harmful toxins is also known to give relief from chronic pain.4. Acupuncture is another natural shoulder pain remedy that is known to give good results.5. Doing stretching exercises is on a regular basis is another natural way of getting rid of this kind of pain. The exercise program should be devised by a qualified physical therapist who is experienced in dealing with shoulder pain.6. Another non invasive shoulder pain remedy that is known to be very effective is the 'trans cutaneous electrical nerve simulation' or the 'TENS' method. This method works by stimulating the nerves and helps muscle relaxation along with providing pain relief.Now Pay Close Attention Here-
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