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       By: Angiuli Katkin
Posted: 2009-03-31 05:53:56
Angiuli, Katkin & Gentile is a law firm committed to providing discerning legal guidance and expert depiction. The attorneys at Angiuli, Katkin & Gentile have the understanding desired to meticulously tackle even the most intricate issues. The depiction of folks wounded by carelessness, medical malpractice or damaged goods is one of the most exigent and worthwhile specialties in the practice of law. We adore what we do. This zeal manifests itself in the commitment we bring to our patrons and their cases. Our terrific results, including verdicts and settlements, converse us as a best.New York personal injury lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients in divorce and family law cases, many of which implicated very knotty assets divisions or had custody disputes. In addition to composite separation cases, we represent patrons in agreed divorces and all other types of family law matters, including post-divorce modifications, enforcement of existing orders, paternity cases, and premarital agreements.
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