All You Need to Know About Chantix

       By: Anne Ming
Posted: 2009-01-29 07:17:59
Chantix is probably the most effective anti-smoking medicine in our days. If you want to know why it is quoted as one of the most effective drug, all you have to do is to read the below frequently asked questions and the answers to them.What is Chantix?Chantix is an anti-smoking drug specialized in changing the behavior of the individual and in stopping the cravings of the body related to tobacco addictiveness. Unlike other drugs, Chantix is a non-nicotine medicine available with prescription. How it actually works? Well it's simple. Your brain has cells as receptors for nicotine. When you smoke these cells send messages to a different part of the brain that will give you a feeling of pleasure. This pleasure does not last so you need to smoke more to be satisfied. And so it begins a vicious cycle. Chantix is sending messages to your brain just like if you were smoking and so you will not feel the need to smoke anymore. This will help you to deal with the cravings and it will become a lot easier for you to quit smoking.Is it required a prescription?Yes. But don't worry, by now over 6 million people only in the U.S. have already been prescribed Chantix. Chantix is a class of drug that needs prescription. All you have to do to get the prescription is to talk to your doctor. If you don't suffer from major health problems or diseases you will probably get the prescription from your doctor without any problems. If you suffer from heart conditions or kidney problems you are not eligible for taking Chantix. Also, not eligible for taking this drug are pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, persons under 18 year old and senior citizens.Should I change my diet during the administration of Chantix?There shouldn't be any restricted group of food or any aliment that you cannot eat during the administration of Chantix. However, if your doctor says something else about this you should listen to him. Your doctor will also prescribe you the right dosage for you and with what frequency you should take the drug.Who else can I talk to about Chantix?As always, when talking about drugs, the second expert, after the doctor, is the pharmacist. He can give you a good overview about Chantix, about the side effects that may occur and any other information you might be interested in. Feel free to ask anything. They are there to help us in the best way they can.How to take Chantix for great and fast results?Chantix should be taken after eating and with a full glass of water. The medicine is to be administered for 12 weeks. These first 12 week are for testing purposes only. If you don't feel improvements during this period, the drug might not work for you. If it appears to be working in your case, the treatment will be continued for another 12 weeks. Some doctors prescribe the drug for 52 weeks so that the effect of the medicine more intense.On StopWithChantix.Com you can read articles and learn more about the quit smoking aid named Chantix. Before you =""
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