Studded Bicycle Snow Tires

       By: Dennis Gertgen
Posted: 2009-01-04 06:13:24
Last Christmas (2007) my parents bought me Studded Snow Tires (Innova Studded Winter Tire - 26 inch X 1.9 inch with 104 studs) for my Mountain Bike. These tires worked great at first. With the extra aggressive tread pattern and the metal studs I felt very confident biking on snow covered trails. Even though the tires worked great for most situations they didn't work if there was ice under the snow. I did crash a couple of times because of this but I didn't get hurt (at least not seriously).I was happy with the tires until the a couple of months later. Some of the studs fell out. I believe this was my fault for ridding too aggressively. You have to change your riding style when you have studded tires. You cannot stop quickly (unless you need to for safety reasons). And you have to go around corners slower or the studs can be pulled out. You can buy replacement studs for this tire but the missing studs didn't make a big difference so I never bothered.Now it is the beginning of December 2008 and I am putting these tires back on my bike. But I have noticed that the studs are worn down and do not make a huge difference anymore. Unfortunately, the studs in this tire are hardened steel and not carbide which is much harder and longer lasting. As I mentioned before, you can buy replacement studs for the tire but you can almost buy new tires for the price of the replacement studs.I would not buy these tires again. I would spend the extra money and get studded tires with carbide studs instead. There is no point in buying tires that only last half of the winter season.About the author:
Dennis Gertgen is an intermediate bicycle rider. He has been Bicycling seriously since the summer of 2007. He rides both road bikes and Mountain bikes as often as he can. And he is sharing some of his experiences with bike, trails and equipment.
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