What You Must Know to Buy an HD Flat TV

       By: Rick Cole
Posted: 2008-12-14 05:54:20
Although the price on an HD flat tv has gone down quite a bit over the past year, it's still not something that you just go out and buy without at least knowing a little of what you're doing. There are a ton of new technologies in these tv's, plasma, lcd, high-definition, and knowing what you want and why you want it, will help you save money and be happier with your purchase.So, what should you be thinking about when you go shopping for an HD flat tv? Well, here are a few points that I think are important.The first thing you need to consider is what brand you want to buy. Currently the big makers are Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba. You don't have to go with the absolute industry leader, but choosing a company that's solidly behind your purchase is wise. Right now, just judging from what I see in the marketplace, I would guess Samsung is the industry leader. At least right now, Samsung seems to have more choice available for consumers.The next thing I would do would be to decide what you're going to use your HD flat tv for. Are you just going to watch cable TV or DVD movies, or will you play video games on it. How about hooking it up to your computer? Knowing what you're going to use it for will make a difference in what you buy.Next, I would consider what resolution TV I want to buy. Are you going to buy a very high resolution 1080p TV, or would something of a lower resolution suffice. What does it matter? Well, it all gets back to what you're doing with the TV and how much you're willing to spend. Also, some of the lower resolutions are so low that they don't qualify for being HD, or high-definition. The resolutions available are 480, 720, and 1080. These numbers refer to the number of lines that are scanned on the TV when it creates the picture. 720 and 1080 qualify for high-definition, while 480 is only standard definition (like your old TV!).Finally, you need to decide if you want an LCD or Plasma TV. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. LCD tv's are lighter, so they can be easily hung on a wall. Their screens reflect very little light, so they work well in well-lit rooms. Disadvantages are they can have a problem with ghosting. Plasma TV's, on the other hand, have faster response time and higher brightness and contrast levels. Disadvantages are they need extra support if you want to hang them on the wall.Want to learn more about buying your next flat screen tv? Check out my site at HD Flat TV Blog.Rick Cole is a consumer technology enthusiast! You can find out more at his blog, http://www.hdflattvblog.com.
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