Learning the Basics of the Reiki Drumming Technique

       By: Samantha Hall
Posted: 2008-12-13 06:14:28
The Reiki Drumming technique was developed to greatly boost every healing session. The technique proves to be very effective for Reiki masters when the following steps are done accordingly:1. Focus your intentionsIn order to channel healing effectively, talk to your client. Ask them about the issues they want to address. These issues have to be focused on during the entire healing session. They have to be more than willing to release and eventually heal such issues. Recipients have to be willing to perform the necessary changes in their behavior, habits, and thoughts in order to achieve healing.At the start of the healing session, a healing request has to be stated. Such request is the session's intention. In Reiki, intentions are considered sacred and as such, it has to be carried out well. Give thanks to the Highest Being and state that the healing will be performed for the highest good. Indicate that your ego and personality are not the priority. When done right, Reiki will flow freely and clearly through the healer, the recipient and the drum. Use the drum to call on to the angels, your guides, and the main spirit that heals.2. Prepare yourself and set a sacred space for healingDraw the necessary Reiki symbols that you are going to use over the drum. Using each symbol, try to channel all the energies summoned towards the drum. Hold on to your intentions through the symbols and let them flow out with the sounds produced by the drums.The Usui power symbol should be drawn or visualized over your body. Do the same with all the chakras, starting from the base going up to the crown. Align the chakras, open them, and clear the passages to let the healing energy of Reiki flow through. Again, hold on to the intentions uttered at the start of the session. Let your light be strengthened. Let all denser energies that are released during the session be healed and not absorbed by your energy system.3. Prepare the ClientUsing the drum mallet or your hand, start to draw a huge Usui power symbol. The Master chakra balancing symbol will also help. Draw it over the recipient, starting over his crown towards the base. Align the chakras of the client. Open them to the Reiki's healing power and invoke your client's higher self assistance.4. Initiate the SessionDraw the Reiki symbols you have to use over the drum. Scan the client's body slowly using the drum. Begin drumming all over the area the drum is drawn to. Let the drum and Reiki be your guide. Play the drums for 2 to 5 minutes, about 12 to 24 inches over the client's physical body. Let the drum freely glide over the recipient's energy field.5. Close the SessionAs you feel guided to halt the session, utter a prayer of gratitude for the healing that had taken place. For the last time, draw the Usui power symbol over your client and seal the session. The Usui symbol will end the session with light and love.
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