Getting Buff - 4 Strategies That Will Promote Muscle Building

       By: Robin Reichert
Posted: 2008-11-12 07:33:06
Are you having trouble bulking up? Is your daily gym routine getting old, especially since you are not seeing the results you desire? Gaining muscle takes a little more than just hitting the gym day after day. Though a gym membership is probably the most effective ingredient in gaining muscle mass, there are other strategies you can use a long with your exercise program to help increase the size of your muscles. Read on for 4 ways you can help increase your muscle building efforts, and get buff in no time.* You have to make a commitment to see the results you want. You must discipline yourself to go to the gym regularly, which is recommended to do 3-4 times a week. You do not want to overdo it by visiting the gym 7 days a week because your muscles do need some rest from the strain of the training. Having a strong commitment and a little bit of patience is the most efficient way to build muscle.* Be sure to stretch before and after each workout. Incorporate a pre- and post-workout stretching program that lasts about half of the time your workout takes. Failure to properly stretch will prohibit your muscles from getting larger, and could put you at more of a risk for injuries. Also, without being correctly stretched, your muscles will become very sore. A few minutes are worth it to eliminate the negative effects that may come with not stretching when trying to gain muscle mass.* Maintain a healthy diet. For body builders, it is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day rather than the traditional 3 meals. This is to keep your metabolism active, which helps in giving you more energy to lift weights and work out. Be sure to take in plenty of carbs, which also increase energy, as well as protein, which helps reduce the soreness and injury to muscles while you are increasing them.* Select the best supplements to complement your workout regimen. Protein shakes are among the best health products for body builders as they aid the muscles in repair and growth. Do your research before choosing the supplements you wish to use, as some can be harmful to your body. It is recommended to only use those that are approved by the FDA, or have been around long enough to prove they are safe to use.Incorporate the above strategies into your muscle building ventures, and you are sure to see some improvement. Just remember to take care of your body, don't over-train, and you will soon see the results you are hoping for.For more muscle building information, please go to Robin's Wellness Resource Center at http://www.wellness-bee.comRobin Reichert is an AFPA Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, and she holds an MS in Natural Health from Clayton College. Lifelong learning and educating others about natural health is her passion.
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