Staying Stylish in the Rain

       By: Chris Scarles
Posted: 2008-09-11 01:49:19
Go patentPatent or laminated bags are not only stylish but practical too! Rain will roll off your bag like water off a ducks back keeping all the contents perfectly dry. Plus they can be easily wiped clean. So equip yourself with a large sized one to fit in all of your essentials (and other wet-weather gear!).To brighten up the grey days choose one in a great bright colour - think Orla Kiely or Topshop. Go for colours that suit your personality and colouring to ensure that it works well with your wardrobe and looks stylish. A Colour Analysis with an image consultant will show you what your best colours are.Keep your tootsies dryIf you have to brave the elements and walk to work - do not be shy; find some whacky wellies in your colours! Alternatively Hunter, the welly of choice for all dedicated fashonistas do a selection of 6 colours. Either way, there are plenty of styles to choose from to ensure you get the best pair to wear with your summer skirt or dress.If wellies really are not your thing or the event requires something a little smarter you would better to opt for cork wedges instead. Your feet will be elevated a few inches from the puddles and cork is near-impermeable (which is why we use it for wine bottles!). For extra protection opt for a patent pair.Hat hairA downpour or even fine drizzle can create havoc with your hairstyle. If you can bear to hide your crowning glory under a hat, now is the time!The hat can be a neglected accessory, frequently being assigned only to special occasions. However, the truly stylish among us will enjoy topping off an outfit with a smart, quirky or fashionable hat. The high street has an array of styles for summer; cowboy, bakerboy and floppies are the big trends this season.If you can not bear the thought of flattening your hair-do, make sure you have treated your hair with a little TLC beforehand. Serums, waxes and even hairsprays will coat your hair with some protection from the elements.So do not let the rain put you off having fun, keep smiling, it is only water!Be preparedFinally, we have all seen the photo of the damsel in distress who popped out of the office to grab some lunch only to get caught in a downpour. Whilst you might not have a complete change of clothes in your top drawer at the office, a micro-fibre travel towel, hair products and brush, and make-up bag are sure to save your blushes. With these essentials you will soon be able to regain your professional appearance!To make sure you are appropriately dressed rain or shine book a Style Consultation with Colour Me Beautiful. Chris Scarles is a director at colourmebeautiful in the U.K.
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