How to Interview Online!

       By: Mike Bernard
Posted: 2008-09-04 01:52:56
Take Advantage of the New and Improved Interview Room Implemented by LiveHire ! has implemented a new and improved Interview Room for seeing and hearing candidates in Real-Time. It's the next best thing to actually being in the same room. By scheduling, recording and reviewing video interviews, LiveHire helps in reducing costs and saving time for employers. You can utilize the integrated Resume viewer, whiteboard, filesharing and note taking functionalities. It is easy and simple to set up an interview with our integrated scheduler and calendar. Through a webcam interview, employers can see a candidate's qualities that are usually not apparent during a telephone interview. Using LiveHire will effectively increase the ability of a hiring manager to achieve successful hiring with reasonable expense in the least amount of time. Employers can schedule a LiveHire interview online and also receive resumes of candidates who match your job description. We help you to hire promising candidates for your organization's success and growth. Call 1-888-745-1483 to schedule a consultation. If you have any queries please log on to for all information.
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