Do You Need to Declutter? - Home Comparisons May Give You an Answer

       By: Kena Chaput
Posted: 2008-09-02 02:02:04
Home comparisons may provide you with a definitive answer. Contrasting your levels of organization with those of others can give you an idea of whether you have a clutter problem that needs to be addressed.So, you feel as though you have a little too much clutter in your life? You're not alone. Many people are waging ongoing wars against their own possessions and are suffering through wild disorganization. At the same time, a little clutter isn't the end of the world. How can you tell if you need to get serious about decluttering?One solution is to compare your home and organization levels to those of others. Consider the homes of friends and family members that make you feel comfortable. Think about those environments in which you sense the most calm, serenity and overall "togetherness". Now, compare the current situation in your own home with those.Are you more cluttered than they are? Is it clear that you have an issue with disorganization that separates you from the pack of houses in which you find yourself comfortable (and maybe a little envious)? If so, that can be a real indicator that it's time for you to get serious and to declutter. Home comparisons can give you a great deal of insight into the real nature of your organizational situation.It may be obvious that you need to roll up your sleeves and make a commitment to declutter. Home will be a much nicer and far more comfortable place if it's appropriately organized, after all.If your "stuff" is beginning to accumulate to the point that it is making you uncomfortable, you need to take immediate action. Learn how to get rid of clutter now.It's amazing. You may think have some idea of how frustrating clutter and disorganization is to you, but you can't really understand how significantly it is crushing the quality of your life until you've solved the problem.There is nothing like an organized, clutter-free life. You'll notice a greater sense of peace and calm, wildly enhanced efficiency, a feeling of security and control, and a general sense that you finally have everything "together".Kena Chaput has fought the clutter war herself and she emerged victorious. Now, she wants you to improve your life. She wants you to learn how to declutter.
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