Solar energy industry is facing big challenge

       By: Denver Kang
Posted: 2008-08-25 04:34:31
A few years ago, renewable energy was not getting people's attention. But for the past two years, non-renewable energy was not steadily supplied and the oil price keeps rising up. Energy issues become to constrain national's economic development. In response to high oil prices, countries around the world launched a new energy strategy, which is to seek for a new driving force for economic development. Therefore, the renewable energy like bio-energy, solar energy, wind energy and other new energy products are being developed by all countries. Even though the renewable energy development has a bright future, it also has to face some challenges. The shortage of silicon is restricting the development of solar energy industry.As the best energy in all new energy industry, solar energy is being developed by all counties.
On August 18th, Australia Queensland governor was in one solar plant in Nevada. He said they will establish cooperation relationship with Nevada. Queensland will build a solar industry park to reduce Queensland's dependence on coal-fired power generation. Not long time ago, the Israeli electricity management department pronounce: From July, People who install the solar power electricity system can sell their surplus electricity to National Grid for approx us0.6/WIt will cost about us$8,800 to in stall a solar electricity system that has 10kilowatts's generating capacity. In this way, if people sell the electricity to National Grid, they will be able to pay off the system for less than 10 years. At the same time, Israeli public authority will offer solar security systems for solar power equipment to support private solar electricity system's installation.Samsung Economic Research Institute predict that the money in the world solar power market will increase from 15 billion us dollar in 2005 to 36.1 billion us dollar in 2010.In South Korea, the 2007 domestic solar power generation capacity is about 44 megawatts. This year, it is expected to go up to 100 megawatts. It will increase to 4000 megawatts by 2010.But in fact, all the solar energy companies are facing tough cost challenges. Along with the rapid development of industry, silicon price is rising up crazily. According to the data, it was US 300 dollar per kilogram on 2006.But in 2007, it comes up to us 400 dollar per kilogram. With the rapid expansion of domestic energy industry, the silicon price will keep going up. The cost of solar energy panel will also be greatly raised!Experts say that one watt electricity from solar system's cost is about 0.6 us dollar .And the fuel generation cost is less than 0.2us dollar. Since the silicon price is so high, the solar power cost will be more than 0.6 us dollar. Somebody predicted that oil price will go up to 200 U.S. dollars per barrel, and oil power generation cost will be about 0.4 us dollar. Solar power cost is still higher than the cost of fuel power generation. In conclusion, while we are developing our economy, we should pay attention to protect our environment! Governments should support the renewable energy industry's development by all means! So that we can live on a nice earth!
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