Exploring the Atom to Understand Science Better

       By: CD Mohatta
Posted: 2008-08-09 07:11:15
Most of us who have studied science know about atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of matter. Atoms join to form molecules and molecules are arranged in a particular manner and we see a matter. For example in a gas the molecules are all dispersed. In liquid they are nearer to each other whereas in a solid they are compacted together. What is the atom?Atom is made of a nucleus and electrons. Every material has a specific type of atom. That atom will have given number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons orbiting around them. Every matter has a different configuration. Hydrogen atom is different than that of Gold. If somebody could add required electrons, protons and neutrons to Hydrogen atom, one will get gold. Sounds very easy, isn't it?It is practically impossible to do this. To add or subtract any basic particle from an atom is extremely difficult. One can hammer the atom in different ways, heat it, cool it, and do whatever one wants. But the atom will not change. It can be done only in some smashers that attack the atom with very high-speed energy. This costs a huge amount of money.Is this not surprising that many of us do not give a thought to the strength of atom? Our air around us is full of molecules. Get an atom out of say Oxygen and try to smash it. It is nearly impossible. Atom smashers also only try to go inside the atom and find out what is inside. They cannot change the atom to another. Otherwise it would have been simple to produce Gold.Our world has got mysteries that are beyond our comprehension. How so many atoms got made? Why particular configuration? Who made them and when? How they combined into molecules? Isn't the world of atom amazing?The author writes text and consults for social networking content like myspace comments and think of creative ideas for myspace layouts.
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