Boys Soccer - The West Orange High Soccer Team

       By: John Escribar
Posted: 2008-07-24 07:07:00
Boy's soccer is commonly organized for high school students as part of their athletic programs for their varsity players. This boy's soccer competes in different school division competition.One of the renowned schools who organized a soccer team is the West Orange High School located in Essex County, New Jersey. The West Orange High School is a public high school which offers a four year comprehensive study program.The school supports the promotion and development of the sport soccer by providing the best possible training needs of its soccer team. The athletic training program of the school teaches not only physical trainings but focuses in the values of sportsmanship and goodwill.The West Orange High School soccer team joined the competition in the Skyline Division of the Northern Hills Conference which was joined by several high school soccer teams. The school's 2006 soccer team was able to score 24-1 record during the season finals. With the win they were ranked at number four in the nation. During the NSCAA/Adidas National Ranking they were able to reach number 17th.Respectively, the team also win the competition over Bridgewater-Raritan High School and Manalapan High School during the Group IV State Championship.With the numerous accomplishment of its soccer team, the school has gained recognition from the community and respective institutions of its commitment to be of service to its students and athletes. It will continue to provide opportunities to students to achieve their dreams in the field of sport and academic excellence.Learn more about boys soccer.Watch Live Soccer on your PC.
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