The Quick and Easy Way to Create Your Own Profitable Ebook

       By: Diana Frame
Posted: 2008-06-29 04:50:22
Even though you might think you could never write a profitable ebook consider this: any idea you see, hear or read anywhere, anytime is free for you to use as an ebook! What about copyrights you ask. Well, ideas aren't copyrighted , only the way they are expressed are protected by copyright law. This means you can take any idea and express it from you own point of view and -- ta da! -- you've written your own ebook!Find Your MarketIf you've ever solved a problem then you have a subject for an ebook. Been on a diet? Have pets? Raised kids? Love to travel? Know how to cook, knit, scrapbook, grow prize-winning tomatoes? Can you see where this is going? You don't have to create a market you just have to find a hot, target market, find out what they already want and sell it to them.By doing your research you can find out what your market is buying now and what their problems are. Go where they are -- forums are a great place to get ideas. See what they're talking about, what questions they're asking. Getting to know your market will allow you to come up with the information they want and will pay for.Research - Research - ResearchNow go looking for every thing you can find on your subject. These will be your resources to help you write your ebook. Look for related articles and forum posts. Check out products already on the market. You're not copying this information, you are getting ideas. Remember, just because it's already been done doesn't mean you can't put a new spin on it!Writing Your EbookProbably the hardest part of this process is writing that first sentence! That's why you need to break the process down into smaller tasks. Getting organized at the beginning will avoid headaches along the way! Start with a working title then make an outline. Be sure to keep your target audience in mind and write in a clear, conversational tone to that audience.There are too many resources you can use for your ebook content to cover in this article but here are a few examples: writing it yourself, rewriting plr (private label) content, public domain information, just to mention a few.Don't forget to make your ebook visually appealing, easy to read on the screen, and check for spelling and grammar. Once all that is done you're ready to put your ebook on the market.Follow a step-by-step plan to make cash generating ebooks in 1 week or less with the Ebook Money Machine.
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