Ximo is the First FDA Compliant Ma Huang Ephedra Weight Loss Product Since 2004

       By: Greg D Taylor
Posted: 2008-06-11 05:58:25
Mark Hughes of Herbalife was the first to use the Ma Huang ingredient back in the early eighties. The Chinese had used this herb for over 5,000 years for sustained natural energy, appetite control, weight loss and many other health benefits. They created a shake that you drink and their sales skyrocketed.The effect that Ma Huang produces to produce weight loss ( in conjunction with other herbs ) is a powerful appetite control as well as speeding up the metabolism to burn more fat for energy. The reason these formulas do so well is most people lose weight taking the supplement and not really changing their eating habits. This is the dieters dream!I never really had a weight problem and I am one of those gym crazy people but I admit trying several different products from MLM companies as well as over the counter weight loss formulas and I did experience these effects for myself. Many at the gym used the product for the sustained energy during their workouts. These products seem to really help the cardiovascular endurance I guess due to Ephedra is a natural bronchial dilator. It opens up your airways for efficient oxygen uptake and ofcourse Ephedra revs up your metabolism turning the body fat into energy.Many companies jumped on the bandwagon after the phenomenal success of that first weight loss formula in the form of a shake. By 2004 there were over 1,000 companies marketing weight loss formulas using Ma Huang as the main ingredient. These companies combined sales far exceeded a Billion dollars in sales. As the obesity weight problem in our country got worse, sales grew larger and larger.The ban came after several years of the FDA investigating claims of negative health effects from using these Ma Huang formulas. The most serious issue was the increase of the heart rate. Obviously people with weak hearts should not be taking a product that revs up your metabolism therefore speeding up your heart rate. All the companies had warnings on the labels. There were many reports of teenagers taking large amounts of these formulas to get buzzed. Yeah, I know, Stupid!Many people in the natural products industry were accusing the pharmaceutical companies of using their high powered lobbyist to push this agenda against the natural supplements companies. The pharmaceutical companies do sell drugs for weight loss but no one will ever know on that.The end result was Billions in sales and profits lost and Millions of loyal Ma Huang weight loss product users left with less than product choices to choose from.Greg Taylor is the Internet MLM Mentor. "Teaching Networkers and Internet marketers the Ultimate marketing system"
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