What Server 2008 Means For IT Professionals

       By: E.S. Cromwell
Posted: 2008-05-08 06:28:34
With the manufacturing and distributing of Microsoft's Server 2008, the technological world is about to be spun around, beneficially so, and given a bit of a mechanical facelift. The beauteous creation of Windows Server 2008 is scheduled to officially be unveiled and launched on February 27, 2008. Microsoft's Server 2008 is gaining huge buzz, both from the Media and the new OS's creator, Microsoft, as being one of the biggest launches in technological and company history. As such, the ordering pace and overall response from IT professionals and developers has been overwhelming -stacking up to over more than two million requests for both beta and evaluation versions.IT Professionals Take Keen NoticeBut, why such a response and ordering surge from IT professionals? The surge comes directly from the IT work world. Energetically, and from sheer excitement on the end of IT professionals, they are ordering Server 2008 simply because they know it is indisputably the best offer Microsoft has offered in years. IT heads and IT professionals know with the major improvements attached to Server 2008, a revolutionized air will soon be released and circulated. IT professionals are welcoming the freshness it has to offer, ten-fold.Server 2008 OfferingsAs the most advanced operating system designed to date, Server 2008 was built for polished and optimized IT purposes and IT work including the powering of (next-generation) networks, applications and Internet services. Pulling and stretching in an innovative manner, Server 2008 takes from it's predecessors and offers something entirely different, and much better, both in terms of overall novel functionality and a greatly improved base OS. It can't be forgotten to mention the innovative web tools, virtualization processes, security betterment and management utilities attached as well, all of which aid IT infrastructures to save time and money, as well as maintain stable and secure understructures.What It All Means For IT ProsAll of the above innovations attached with Sever 2008 will most certainly affect IT professionals, especially in terms of certification(s). But, don't fret. The effects will be slow and accepted gradually, merely because not all HR offices and IT companies will hop on board and become completely familiar immediately. Specifically, with the Server 2008 Integration, New Operating System (particularly Vista) and the attached Development Tools (the SQL Server 2005 and .NET 2.0) a gradual phasing out and subsequent replacement of the old IT certifications with new, more updated IT certifications will be very typical. Hence, new examinations for older certifications will no longer be available as they are outdated for further certifying.This is not saying the existing Microsoft Certifications will expire in their worth and value. Instead, and to any IT individuals peace of mind, the older certifications will live side by side with the next-generation certifications. And knowing this is crucial, as the savviest and most progressive IT Professionals are already looking into these new certifications to gain the upper hand, add their certification arsenal and keep ahead of their competition.Individual upgrade examinations and courses for the next-generation certifications pushed forth due to the release of Server 2008 are available -if not currently, will be in the very near future- for all major IT certifications and those IT professionals who are interested and looking to get that extra IT edge.To take advantage of the new Server 2008 offerings, why not hop on board the fast-paced IT train and attain a new IT certification to better one's career?
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