Trade Show Displays - Graphic Design

       By: Andrea Minden
Posted: 2008-05-03 03:34:02
Graphics are the most important part of any trade show display. Since you are competing against hundreds of other vendors that are vying for the attention of customers, your display must feature eye-catching and unique graphic designs. This can be difficult. However, by following several simple rules, you will be able to create a graphic design that will attract high-quality customers to your trade show display.The first rule in trade show display graphic designs is making sure that the design itself explains your product or service. If your product or service deals with electronics, going with a design that is centered around technology will inform trade show customers about your exhibit. Trade show customers do very little textual reading, making their decisions about what displays to visit based solely off the design of the booth. Visuals are extremely important with trade show displays and, if you do not utilize this to your advantage, you will find your results to be lacking.It is very important that you do not explain every aspect of your product or service through text. Many trade show vendors make the mistake of explaining their product or service in endless paragraphs. While this information may be interesting, persuading the customers to purchase the product if actually read, many trade show attendees will not read an entire paragraph of information. This is why you must explain your product or service through graphics and visual aids.The second rule you must follow is to remember that it is not the job of your display booth to "sell" the product or service to potential customers. This job is for the sales team and, if you rely on your display to do this job, you will not have very many customers. Your trade show team are the ones who will further explain the details of your product to the customer; your display's duty is simply to draw in the attention of these customers. When you are designing the graphics for your trade show display, you will want to ensure they are relevant to your product. If you cannot do this by actually showing the product, try subconsciously informing customers what your product is about.The most important rule is not to flood your graphics with text. As stated earlier, your graphics are not designed to completely inform customers about every detail of your product. If you choose to add text to your graphics, you will want to use the product title and only a few points about the product within the graphics. These "bullet points" should consist of five to ten words maximum and be straight to the point. Highlight the actual benefits and features of your product; do not fully explain your product. Text on graphics should only be there to spark the interest of trade show customers and raise interesting questions about your product within the customers' minds. Your graphics should contain vibrant and bold colors that are low in contrast and not too "busy."Andrea M. Minden is a business owner with taste. After attending several trade shows, she noticed a consumer trend: go for the best graphics. That's why she uses large, vibrant graphics for her trade show display booth rentals, renting truss truss tradeshow display systems from the professionals at in order to catch the attention of as many consumers as possible.
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