Recruit Telesales Staff To Drive Profits

       By: Jay Scott Edwards
Posted: 2008-04-23 05:08:52
Telesales operatives can offer different functions depending on how the company operates. Some companies simply want telesales staff to perform an inbound customer service function or help with sales enquiries. Other organisations may want their telesales staff to perform outgoing or cold calling to recruit new clients and this is skill that needs to focus on recruiting the right candidates.Cold calling is skill that not everyone can perform as it needs constant persistence and stamina to keep ringing and ringing and taking the knock backs that frequently occur and this requires only certain people can maintain that level of performance.Recruiting telesales staff is a positive move for many businesses as it requires interviewing staff in the normal way but also to evaluate their personality and of course their voice as this is what is going to sell.The primary role of recruitment agencies is to identify loyal and career-oriented candidates for their clients. Employers also need to partner with the right calibre of job consultants to overcome their specific recruitment problems.As more and more business look for telesales as a more cost effective and quicker way of generating sales then inevitably the skills shortage is developing as staff look to work for the best employment options offering the best package and opportunities and this does not always favor the smaller business.A good recruitment partner can also offer advice on the best way for small business to attract and retain telesales staff and also help with training programs which is key to getting the best performance out of your telesales staff.Forties People Ltd offer telesales staff for permanent and temporary basis and for more information visit
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