The Importance Of A Paper Trail

       By: Kamyar Shah
Posted: 2008-04-20 03:46:29
How do you feel about putting your conversations with your staff on paper? What is meant by that is, being involved in the management of your property, do you feel it is necessary to document the things your staff does right and wrong? Some companies involved in property management, feel they need some type of documentation to ensure that their associates learn and grow from one situation to the next. In addition, the documentation is used to ensure that a repeat of the bad behavior does not happen again.There are mixed emotions in most customer service environments in dealing with writing up associates or writing down what was talked about. In most cases, if you do not write down the conversation, the associate can keep doing what they are doing whether it is wrong or right. Most companies in property management believe that having a trail of coachings can result in a higher performance.Some companies have taken the documentation process to a different level. In those particular companies, they felt that they have to have each associate sign a document stating their job duties, lunch policies, attendance policies, and how to interact with the customers. If the associate decides to deviate from this process, then they have a choice to change their behavior or be promoted to customer. The thing that those companies are asking of them is not a lot. They are just asking to treat the customer uniquely and different from the next customer they talk to. They are just asking the associates to clock in to work on time and to follow their schedules. These property management companies are not asking their associates to perform rocket science. Therefore, with signing this document, every associate understands and knows their job. Every associate has no excuse saying that no one ever explained what they are supposed to do day in and out. Some believe it will be very effective.In property management, some managers do not feel that this is the way to manage their associates. They feel that it too harsh and not promoting a fun environment. Look at it this way. If you have associates on your properties that are not doing what you are asking them to do, what proof do you have that you spoke to this individual about the incorrect behavior? How does it just not turn into your word versus theres. That is why most customer service companies are finding a way to document their conversations to increase productivity and lessen the bad behaviors.It is really up to you. You are the one involved in property management and you have to decide whether you want to take your business to next level or not. With the ever-changing market place, it is very difficult to stay consistent if you do not change. Most companies try to new things to see what works and what helps increase their bottom line. By documenting the conversations, you have, good or bad, you are insuring that your people have a clear line of site on what you as a property manager are expecting. So, look yourself in the mirror and ask, do you want individual company to not succeed because you have people under you that will not do what you ask them to do and you allow those bad behaviors?
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