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       By: Daniel Gonzalez
Posted: 2008-03-27 07:01:18
Ever thought of visiting Alicante in the Costa Blanca? here is some informatioon i have pick up in my many visits to Alicate
United to the Mediterranean sea alicantes beaches extend over the shores brushing the " explanade of Spain " from which part you wiill get a fell for the city. An open and charming city enhanced by a beatifull castle. Alicante will seduce you by its cosmopolitan and traditional ways
It would be a difficult task to count each of the coloured tiles of the explanade of Spain , in Alicante , some of them in " red Alicante " others in white and others in black , all of them imitating the marvelous Mediterranean waves. Although its origin was from the last century and was known as the Malecon and Martires de l , it was in 1957 when its pavement was made up by more than six and a half million pieces.
Alicante explaned in theses modern days is full of shops , restaurants , bars , all facing the sea. It is also her were you can Rent a car in Alicante at the best possible prices Lucentum , which is how they used to call this city , used to be a important comercial point whic the port as its main attraction. Its name come from the agarenos whose renamed this city with the name of Al-lekant, it is here that we find another of the citys emblematic points : Mount Bencantil . Over 750 years ago its inhabitants established the first part of the city on the top of this hill ( todays centre ) tjhey also built the castle right at the top. From the bottom you can hardly see the flag at the top. over these years its has been restore many times , the first to do so was Felipe II. you can access the castle either for a lift which is taken in the postiguet beach or by car , varios rent a car companies in Alicante provide maps on how to get there. The torreta is the highest and oldest part of the castle with the name " Macho del Castillo " from her you can admire the fantastic view f the city and mediterranean
Here is usefull information on the area and on how to rent a car in alicante :
Turism office :
Rambla Medez Nuñez 23 , Tel 96 592 98 02
Town hall :
Tel : 965149100
Airport :
Tel : 966 919 400 , Bus station , portugal , 17
Where to visit :
Town hall , Cathedral of San Nicolas of bari , the church of Santa Maria , Palacio de la diputacion , the fountains of garrigos.
Museums : Arquiologichal , the asegurada museum , Belenes museum
Restaurants : There is a lot of variety , good rice meals . seafood and fish , the old part of Alicante for tapas , The beaches of San Juan and the new part of the port
Fiestas : Romeria de la santa faz , moors and christians , the San Juan fallas , the remedio virgin , and the castle nights
Beaches : Postiguet in the city , the albufereta three km away , San Juan and Muchavista six km away , Calas del cabo de las huertas and the saladar beach
Trips : with rented cars to Benidorm , Denia and Calpe
Car hire companies : There are many Alicante car hire companies that operate from the airport
I hope that you find this article of interest and enjoy the pleasures of Alicante as much as i have
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