Success For The Average Man Woman Part 3 Getting Things Done

       By: Ellis Peterson
Posted: 2008-03-23 09:08:07
Part 3 Getting Things DoneHere is a very important exercise that takes 10 minutes that you can do before going to bed at night. Review what you did for your entire day but go through it backwards. Start with the time you are going to bed and go back one hour at a time until you reach the time you awoke. Don't strain. Just do it easily and gently.In regards to what you want to be, where you want to go and what you want to do ask yourself: "What did I forget, neglect or foul up?" and, "What can I do to improve on today's work?"When this is done take 5 more minutes and write on a 3 x 5 index card the six things you need to get done tomorrow. Number them in order of their importance. Put this card where you can see it the first thing in the morning when you wake up.In the morning look at the item #1 and start working on it. Look at it every hour on the hour until you have finished it.Then start # 2 and work on it until you have finished it. Then # 3. If you are doing this at work or while in your business keep at it until quiting time. If you are doing it at home, keep at it until supper time.Do not be worried if you've only finished two or three of even if you have not finished number 1. What you are doing is working on the most important thing you can that will bring you success in what ever you have chosen. You have decided what is important, you have written it down and you are working on it.At night before going to bed, take a clean 3 x 5 card and transfer all your unfinished items to it. Add to it so that you have your six items of your (Must List) for the next days most important tasks.Sometimes the simplest ideas, like this, are often the greatest in getting results.Charles Schwab used this index card technique to build the Bethlehem Steel Co.Henry Ford said, "No executive is worthy of the name unless he works to a written schedule."Thousands of successful people have placed this simple method at the top of the list of "Habits That Make For Success." This method gets things done.Write your, (Must List) every night, it may make the turning point of your life.In seeking success of any kind, the hardest part is always the START. A thing begun is more than half done.Buy yourself a dozen packs of 3 x 5 cards.How would you like to have a dynamic assistant, who never forgets to remind you of what you need to do? Do you wish you had a silent partner who drives you day and night towards your goals in life? You can hire this helper for the price of a few packs of 3 x 5 cards.Paper never forgets!If you want a sure fire reminder write it down on paper. If you want to solve a difficult problem write it down. Want to stick to a difficult task? Break an old habit? Start a new habit? Write it all down on paper.Writing a thing down on paper signals your subconscious mind to work on it, to create, to realize the thing, to turn your wishes into facts.What ever you want out of life, write it down on paper.In this fast paced, electronic world of computers we have lost the skill of hand writing something down. The magic is the hand written 3 x5 card not in the expensive "to do" computer programs.Turn your computer off, and spend time with your pad and pencil and 3 x 5 cards.Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.To see more of his writings visit his websites.
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