Are You A Parrot Head

       By: Joe Kiedinger
Posted: 2008-01-15 03:26:23
By the title of this Wisdom I'm sure you already know where I'm heading with this topic. I just returned from a wonderful cruise vacation. I love cruising. It's the best vacation in the world. You get to visit many fun ports and the entertainment on board at night is great. The only draw back is leaving a port you fall in love with. That port for me was Key West!One of my favorite musicians makes his home in Key West? Jimmy Buffett. His music sends you to the Caribbean in your mind. Everyone can relate to what it would feel like to stroll the white sand beaches and snorkel among the colorful reefs. Even if you've never done it, you can imagine that feeling.Jimmy Buffett has created a brand of music that promotes relaxing, having fun and being in a warm place. The day we arrived in Key West the rumor spread that Jimmy was in town and would be performing tonight at his bar, Margaritaville. Many bars had signs up saying, "Parrot Heads gather here." A stage was being erected on Duval Street in front of Margaritaville. I started looking for my "lost shaker of salt!"I thought to myself? WOW, what would it be like to be this guy? Everyone was fired up to see him. He can't go anywhere in public or he'd be swamped with fans everywhere he went. This notion struck a cord with me. If a tragedy would happen to Jimmy Buffett the live music would end. His company would continue with record sales and paraphernalia, but the man behind the brand would be no more.Business is often like this for a lot of people. They fail to train a replacement for them when they're gone. A lot of times family members try to fill in but this often times results in disaster for the company. Each CEO needs to plan for their replacement. It's their duty and responsibility to the shareholders. The CEO needs to train and brand their prot├ęs to take over when they step down.Leaders like Lee Iacocca failed to do this, believing ?no one can replace me' and the company slumped as he was leaving. I have news for you if you think you're indispensable. I'll take you to the nearest cemetery to prove my point. Don't believe you can't be replaced, the world is full of dispensable people. You will be replaced and it's up to you to train and lead the next person in line.Joe Kiedinger is Brander in Chief of Prophit Marketing, a unique and vision-driven marketing organization that helps small to medium-sized business succeed by adhering to the Prophit Marketing System. The Prophit Marketing System is a process based approach that combines corporate culture with strategy and finally advertising. The emphasis starts with leadership and flows from there. Joe's message has been heard by many through his unique Prophit Marketing Road Show, an entertaining informative presentation that leaves audiences with an action plan for success. Joe also authors Wisdom on Wednesday, a weekly email newsletter which will enlighten and challenge you to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Visit to learn more about the Prophit Marketing system or to subscribe to Joe's weekly email newsletter.
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