Do Your Homework Before Listing Your Home

       By: Jeff Flower
Posted: 2007-12-17 03:49:47
When it comes to selling real estate there's more to it than placing an ad in the local newspaper and staking a 'for sale' sign in the front yard and waiting for that offer.Whether you're just thinking about listing your home, or already have your home on the real estate market, it's absolutely crucial to do your homework first.Don't forget that when prospective buyers come by and have a look at your home, changes are they are checking our two or three other similar homes in your area. This is how buyers buy real estate... by comparison shopping.So ask yourself this... what would make a buyer purchase your home as opposed to the one for sale down the street? Aside from the usual answer, 'my house is better.' You're prospective buyers are out there comparing your house to others on the market, you should be too.Ask your agent for a list of homes that are most comparable to yours, or if you're not on the market or aren't working with a real estate agent yet, get on your local MLS. Now that you know what homes you will be competing with for the next sale, you need to check them out to see how they compare to your home. Get out there and go to their next open house.Now the most important thing you should be paying attention to, is that first impression you get when you first pull up to the house. What jumps out and grabs your attention? Maybe it's something positive, or something negative... it doesn't really matter. The point is your thinking like a buyer now. Take this same mindset with you when you tour the house; taking mental note of all the likes and dislikes.The idea of this is to determine what you can do with your home to make a prospective buyer walk into your home and say to themselves "this is the one." What can you do, to keep buyers from purchasing that house down the street, and not yours. At the end of the day when it's all said and done, take a good hard look at your own home through the eyes of the buyer. What can you do to enhance its appeal, and better position yourself amongst your competition?Remember, doing your homework before you list your house for sale is important, but it's never too late. If your property is already on the market... get out there and get going!Jeff Flower is a real estate sales representative with Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty in Belleville Ontario, providing real estate services to Belleville, Prince Edward County & Quinte Area. To view more real estate articles by the author visit
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