Google Adwords, Where To Start And How To Make Money

       By: Andrew Egginton
Posted: 2007-12-08 04:10:18
Google Adwords is the largest advertising network on the web today pulling in advertiser's from all over the world to use their programme.Many advertiser's who join Google Adword's are often left in the dark with what they have to do in order to make money with their campaign, this can lead to frustration and in the end you quit.Google Adword's do try and help advertiser's everyway they can in order for you to setup a successful campaign with them, this is obviously so they can make money because not everyone who join's Adword's has the faintest idea of how to use it.The thing Google don't explain is how to actually make money with their programme, for example,1. How to get low cost per click
2. What keyword's will work
3. How to achieve Google relevancy
4. How to write effective ad's which will pull your potential customer's inThese are just a few factor's to consider when using Adword's, these question's must and do come accross people's mind's at some point or another.99.9% of the time these question's don't get answered because people simply get bored of reading information.I will get straight to the point if you dont read information on these factor's, you as an advertiser won't be able to make a profitable campaign, I will give you an example of a campaign I setup a couple of week's ago.I did some research on keyword's and found a couple relating to wheels and tyres, so I typed these keyword's into Google and found they had low competition.I then decided to directly link to eBay using the flexible destination tool which allow's you to link to any page you like with the keyword's you have chosen and believe me I've seen people choose keyword's like thin air, yes people are stupid.Next I setup the campaign choosing a few keyword's with low competition, I created two different ads, you can see these below,Wheels And Tyres
Wheels And Tyres To Suit You
Order Your Wheels And Tyres Today And Tyres
Looking For Wheels And Tyres?
Get Great Deals And Save Money you can see from the two ads I setup, there relevant to the item/s I'm promoting, I just changed the ad's accordingly to see which ad would perform the best.Altogether from the two ad's I managed to get 13 click's, 603 impression's, 2.15% CTR at a cost of £1.72 in a time span of a week.I quickly realised this campaign was not profitable and way too broad.I suggest reading some more information on Google Adword's and the factor's I have outlined in this article to find out how to really gain from Adword's.All the information provided is everything I have learnt from the resource's I have purchased, in no way do you have to purchase the information but it is a reccommendation.
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