Email Marketing - Your Secret Weapon For MLM Success!

       By: Daniel Ngai
Posted: 2007-12-06 05:23:43
Did you know that e-mail marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to profiting from any MLM program? Its easier to get started than you think, and will allow you to place the majority of your sales and network-building efforts on autopilot.E-mail marketing allows you to:ü Educate potential customers about your productsü Educate potential downline members about the MLM opportunity, commission structure and profit potentialü Build trust and credibility, with improved conversions over time. You aren't limited to a 15 minute sales pitch.ü Expand your business. New products and opportunities can be introduced to your existing list.ü Put almost everything on autopilot. Today's mailing list management software lets you schedule pre-written messages to go out when you want, in whatever order you want.Are you beginning to see some of the power here? E-mail marketing is still the most trusted and effective means of communication available to on-line businesses.And it still trumps the latest tactics like audio and video...why?Remember that not everyone has the computing capacity or the bandwidth to watch elaborate multi-media presentations, but virtually all of the people you want to reach have basic e-mail.If you aren't yet using e-mail for your multi-level marketing program, here's how you can get started right away:First, get an autoresponder for managing your e-mail list.. There are plenty of good ones out there. Some of them come as software with a 'one-time' license fee. You install the software onto your own web server.If you want someone else to do the dirty work, you can sign up with a third-party autoresponder service. These companies host autoresponder software on their own servers. Some companies offer free services, but most will charge you a monthly subscription fee for an account.Second step: Create an "autoresponder series" for promoting your MLM. This is just a series of brief e-mails describing the products and the opportunity, with a focus on 'soft-selling' the prospect.Create messages that are educational, informational and of high-quality. Each message should build on the other and move the prospect a little closer to taking the desired action. There's no limit on how many messages can go in a series.You'll load these messages into your autoresponder., and schedule them to go out as you see fit. You can send one message per day, or put several days wait between each message. Its all up to you.Finally, go into your autoresponder and have it generate the code for your opt-in form. You'll cut and paste this code into your web page, and it will create a 'subscription box' where visitors can submit their names and e-mail addresses to sign up for your list.Make sure you give them plenty of incentive to opt-in. You'll usually want to create a dedicated web page, called a "landing page", designed to do just one thing: get your visitors to join your list!Once you have everything automated in this way, you can spend more of your time focused on driving traffic to your lead capture system and building your list.After that? Just sit back, relax and watch as e-mail marketing works its magic. You'll never promote any other multi-level program without it!Daniel Ngai has been involved in internet marketing for 2 years and understands what it takes to profit in any MLM on complete auto-pilot. He invites you to download a FREE report at to learn the real secrets and success to profit from any MLM program you joined. He is also a domain investor which owns a few domain names and you can find it here.
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