List Building - Should It Be Outsourced? Part 1

       By: TR Thomas
Posted: 2007-12-02 22:55:50
List building is one of the most important aspects of any internet marketers business.It is what will enable one to make a consistent income over and over again month after month. Since List building is so important, is it something that you want to let someone else do?Absouly not! Although there are some aspects of building your list that can be outsourced which will be discussed in part 2 of this series the actual building of your list is your responsibility and should be controlled by you. There are many benefits to controlling the list building aspects of your internet business.For one, you know who your customers are and what their interest is in your niche and by allowing someone else to build a list of these individuals, you may miss the target market of those with an interest in your niche. The person you outsource to will not be concerned about the quality of your subscribers and whether they are or are not interested in your niche. His or her concern will be just to get names on your list and then collect their fee. It is easy to build a list of untargeted names that would do you no good, and that is what you will find by outsourcing this most important aspect of your business.By building your list yourself, it will allow you to test the market you are trying to reach to see what they respond to. That is an invaluable lesson to learn because in the future you will know and learn what buttons to press to get a subscriber to your list. You will know what appeals to them and what doesn't. You will also come to understand what is the best give away to attract new subscribers and what doesn't work. By you staying in control of your own list instead of outsourcing its creation you will get to know your market in a way that otherwise would not be possible.Another benefit that you will have in building your own list would be that you can control the types of subscribers you receive making your list very targeted. Although it may sound extreme you can target your list for brown eyed people, or people who are left handed, or what ever your niche is looking for, you can target your list in that direction. It can be that specific This is something that outsourcing your list building will not do for you. More importantly though you can target your list in a way to make sure that your market is a paying market. You can make sure that they have credit cards and are willing to buy items online. This can be done simply by having them purchase a small amount item as low a $1.00. By doing that you can target your list to see if they are willing to buy online.We have discussed here that building your list should not be outsourced but should be handled by you so you can target your list to your niche, and how it will help you understand your niche better. Although the actually list building should be done by you, I can't stress the importance of this enough, there are some aspects of building a list that can be outsourced. We will discuss that in part two of this series.T.R. Thomas is the owner of Success Resources International which is dedicated to providing resources to help others succeed in business and attain their dreams on and offline. If you want to learn more about building traffic to your site and you would like a FREE copy of "3 Fast and Free Internet Traffic Building Techniques" Download your Free Copy Here:
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