Some Of The Reasons Chardonnay Is A Favorite Among White Wines

       By: Gregg Hall
Posted: 2007-11-18 06:15:16
Chardonnay is named for the Chardonnay grapes that are used to create it. These grapes originated in the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France but have adapted well to conditions all over the world. The ease of growing Chardonnay grapes have helped them to spread to many parts of the world. Chardonnay grapes are now grown throughout Europe as well as the US, Australia and South Africa.Chardonnay grapes are a green color with a very thin skin. It was created by crossing two types of grape, the Pinot and Croatian Blanc. While the Pinot and Croatian Blanc are now extinct, Chardonnay grapes continue to grow hardily in many locations. The resulting juice is fermented and aged in oak barrels to bring out the Chardonnay's distinctive vanilla flavor. Chardonnay doesn't age as much as red wines but still produces a delicious wine that remains popular throughout the world.Chardonnay is known as a non-aroma type of wine which is why oak works so well in the fermentation process. The interaction of the wine and the oak highlights the delicate vanilla flavor that the spirit is famous for. The most distinctive Chardonnay is produced in America and in France. The Chardonnay wines of these two regions are the most rich and complex of this type of vino.Chardonnay is the most common type of white wine and is available in all areas. Depending on where it was made and how it was produced, Chardonnay will have variations in flavor, taste and aroma. Chardonnay grapes can also be used in creation of other types like white Burgundy, Champagne and other sparkling varieties. It's most popular use is to make white Chardonnay wine that many people prefer.Chardonnay is great with many dishes which is probably a factor in it's popularity. Commonly served chilled, Chardonnay works particularly well with dishes that have butter and cheese. Since it has a low acid content, they work very nicely with seafood dishes, as well. Chardonnay also works well with many other types of dishes. Chardonnay is a staple on restaurant wine lists, especially in Italian or seafood restaurants.Whether you want to purchase Chardonnay for yourself or as a gift, it is an easy one to find. Your local wine shop or liquor store should stock several varieties. Prices are quite low in most cases but you can expect to pay a bit more for a quality French Chardonnay. True wine lover's will swear that the higher cost of the original French Chardonnay is well worth it to experience the unique flavors of French spirits. The delicate flavors and ease of serving with so many dishes makes Chardonnay a must-have addition to any wine lover's repertoire.Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about wine as well as wine gift baskets at
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