Debt Alternative to Bankruptcy

       By: Paul Hockney
Posted: 2007-11-10 06:24:53
If you have serious debts and are unable to pay your bills, one of your options is to go bankrupt. It's only advisable to file for bankruptcy debt relief if you have a substantial amount of debt, or debt that will take you an unreasonable amount of time to pay off. For example if your debts are £20,000 or higher. If you've tried debt relief programs and counseling services, and they all say that there's no hope for you, then you can go the route of bankruptcy debt relief. When you file for bankruptcy debt relief, and you have that bankruptcy on your credit, it can take seven years for it to come off. However, before making a decision you should also be aware of other potential debt relief options.Debt ConsolidationDebt consolidation is an effective strategy to paying down debts especially if you have a few high interest revolving credit card accounts. Debt consolidation is also the most popular sought after debt service before filing for bankruptcy. Debt consolidators can provide debt help in the form of debt settlement, a debt consolidation loan or a structured settlement. Debt negotiation is a means to avoid bankruptcy while still repaying a portion of your debts. Debt Elimination - A well-advertised method where you essentially do not pay your creditors. However, be aware that debt consolidation can be dangerous because you treat only the symptom.IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)An IVA is another possible option if your debts are over £15,000. With this option you can clear up to 75% of your debts over a 5-year period. You also know precisely what your payment obligations will be for the five year life of the IVA. If an IVA or other debt help can help you avoid bankruptcy then it's probably a better debt solution. An insolvency practitioner will be appointed if an IVA is found to be more suitable and they will help stop all the creditors knocking on your door.CreditorsBankruptcy is a powerful procedure with serious repercussions that allows a debtor the benefit of relief from his or her creditors and the possibility of a fresh start. Remember, that bankruptcy lawyers will probably be representing your creditors to enforce their rights against you. Usually when a person becomes overwhelmed by bills, they must deal with their creditors aggressively attempting to get money from them. Your creditors only care about collecting money from you and do not care about what is best for your situation. Once you are declared bankrupt you no longer have to pay those creditors back.ConclusionIf you've tried debt relief programs and counseling services, and they all say that there's no hope for you, then you can go the route of bankruptcy debt relief. You can fix your credit again, even if you have an enormous amount of debt, but you should know the ins and outs of bankruptcy debt relief before you take that plunge. Becoming bankrupt is the most extreme way of eliminating your debt as it has so many repercussions so the best advice is to seek the help of a recommended debt help expert.Paul Hockney is an online loan expert who provides alternative to bankruptcy tips and advice.
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