How to Prevent Xbox 360 Flashing Red Lights Error

       By: Kevin Jackson
Posted: 2007-09-16 10:44:51
Xbox 360 gamers must cope with the dreaded Xbox 360 flashing red lights error if you were unlucky enough to purchase a defective gaming console. The infamous "3 Rings of Death" occurs because of hardware failure within the Xbox's core motherboard + hard drive system.While there is no easy way to prevent this occurrence from happening again, there are a few quick ways to prevent your Xbox 360 from displaying the 3 red rings of death.1. Move Your Xbox 360 to a Spacious Area on the Floor - Many believe the red rings error is partly caused by overheating problems with the 360's hard drive. Microsoft packed so much into the system that it gets hot very quickly. Always place your Xbox 360 on the floor with plenty of free room around the console to breathe. This will prevent overheating & limit the chances of seeing the 3 xbox red lights.2. Always Turn off the Xbox Console with your Controller - Not a huge issue, but manually turning off the Xbox using your hand could put additional stress on the hard drive to shut off. By Using the controller, you give the Xbox a smoother shut down phase, and may extend the overall life of your Xbox console.3. Clean All Games Thoroughly Before Inserting into the Xbox 360 - Often your Xbox games will collect dust & dirt after you play them for a while. Extra dust creates friction within the unit, perhaps causing it to fail during your gaming sessions. Keeping all games clean, along with your console, will help to prevent the xbox 360 3 red light error.The easiest way to solve any problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. If your Xbox 360 console still shows the 3 blinking red lights, please see my resource box to fix your problem at once.
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