Well Known Personalities and Law of Attraction

       By: Steve Lobe
Posted: 2007-09-01 18:03:11
The Law of Attraction states that anything is possible if you believe and then visualize what you desire. Depending on the author or speaking, there are some different approaches to the core principles of the Law of Attraction. Some well known Law of Attraction personalities have voiced opinions on the subject.One Very well known Law of Attraction instructor and speaker is Jack Canfield. He is mostly known for his series of books, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Canfield has also taught success principles to businesses and individuals for thirty years.When listening to Canfield, you'll begin to understand that all of your thinking, actions and feelings work I combination to give you the results you now have in life. This occurs whether you have a good attitude or a bad attitude; you'll get what you give. That's the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.Since 1986, The Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith has worked using a spiritual interpretation of the Law of Attraction. At that time, he began Agape Center, which is similar to but not precisely a church.The Agape Center focuses on the teaching that when you desire good things for this world, you help make them occur. You can feel this happen when you are inspired to do something good for people. Reverend Beckwith's goal is to work to make the world better by using the Law of Attraction.Another well known speaker, Dr. Joe Vitale, is a little more strict in his reading of the Law of Attraction. He believes that everything that happens in your life you bring to yourself, whether it's a terrible accident or great good fortune. If it appears in your life, it's something you created.One engaging person the field of the Law of Attraction is Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. Dr. Wolf has studied theoretical physics for more than four decades. He now specializes in quantum physics and how may work with the mind. He focuses on the interaction of this with the Law of Attraction in mind. In 1982, Dr. Wolf won a National Book Award for his book, Taking the Quantum Leap, which is based on his studies.A well known therapist who is noted for her work with the Law of Attraction is Jayne Payne. Payne sees clients who are deeply stuck in the hurts of the past. Her patients focus on what they need, but Payne helps them use the Law of Attraction to instead believe in what they desire.A well known couple, Esther and Jerry Hicks have together written books on the Law of Attraction. They have achieved notoriety by professing to speak for an other worldly being whom they call Abraham-Hicks. For some people in their audience, it can seem a bit strange and unbelievable, but other followers find these talks and books very enlightening.Jerry began this path when he developed an interest in related subjects. Esther then followed Jerry's lead. Shortly thereafter they became quite involved in the movement. The Hicks' now lead seminars and give lectures. They of course continue to write books about the Law of Attraction.The Law of Attraction has been a vibrant topic for discussion for a long time. Before being adopted by today's modern thinkers, it was used in the past by great world leaders for centuries. With many practitioners now bringing the message to the public, it is assured that the concept will stay in the forefront well into the future.The Law of Attraction and Abundance has shown Steve Lobe what it means to be able to live a meaningful and abundant life and he aims to show others how they could have it to in his blog www.AbundanceLaw.com and has a FREE After The Secret Starter Kit to others take the next step after watching 'The Secret' DVD.
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