A Must-Have Real Estate Software For Realty Business

       By: Bonnie Ricci
Posted: 2007-08-28 17:46:43
The Internet is a second-to-none information resource used in the realty search. With its introduction to the real estate arena, many potential home buyers have referred to Internet sources to find information about apartments (or houses) for sale. In fact, 87% of real estate companies have a website offering a wide variety of online services for their visitors.
Real Estate Manager software is designed mainly for property management tasks and allows you to automate and simplify the realty business process. No matter what your business specializes in (residential, commercial, industrial property or all of them), Real Estate Manager will work equally effective.
With our real estate software you can handle some realty management tasks that you must otherwise outsource. That can save your money, especially as Real Estate Manager doesn't expect you to have programming skills.
In this fast-moving realty industry, the need for up-to-date information is critical. Your clients need current information about property availability and prices. With our real estate listing software, you can access property data at any time and update it as appropriate. You can use it to easily add, manage and update online property listings, manage categories, set properties as featured or invisible, upload images for a property, customize templates, create real estate sites in different languages etc.
Real Estate Manager is so easy-to-use and inexpensive that there's really no question that you will benefit from it. This solution will help transform your business into a more efficient, productive and prosperous e-business enterprise.
Our multiple advantages include: 100% customizable design. 100% customizable product options. Multilingual interface. Free installation. Free support. No programming skills required. Fully customizable design and layout. Fully customizable contact form and much more. Make your real estate business prosperous and successful!
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