How To Create Homeschool Lesson Plan

       By: Adwina D. Jackson
Posted: 2007-08-25 14:56:47
Some parents, sometimes, get stressed out for having to create such an outstanding lesson plan for their homeschooled children. It is not necessary to get stressed. There are homeschooled curriculums that you can browse online and those you can buy in one package.However, the best thing about homeschooling is the freedom to choose what your child will learn, and when they will learn it. You know your child best, so you should be the one who knows how the lesson plan should be.The first thing you should do is check out if the state where you live in allow you to set the lesson plan that you see fit your child. Why? Because some states require homeschooling parents to follow a public school system lesson plan.If the state gives you the freedom to create the lesson plan, it is even better.You can examine some homeschooling online programs before choosing one that fit you and your child best. Mostly, those programs are proven to be a good help for homeschooling.The program consists of books, learning and teaching aids, and better, it provides a detailed outline of what you can do. Most of the available programs can be done either on a computer or off line. So, it doesn't require you to stay online during the learning sessions. However, a web based homeschooling is interesting.When it comes to schedule, you have the flexibility in setting the timing. It doesn't have to apply the one used in regular school. It's homeschooling, it should be comfortable for both you and the child. You don't have to wake up early to start studying. However, you still have to teach discipline to your child. Remember that.While planning the lesson, you'd better have an idea of the subject that you will be teaching for the week. It is important, regarding the report you should make on the progress of your child's education.In the lesson plan, make sure that you involve outdoor activity. It is a wonderful way of teaching. Not to mention that it helps you avoid monotony. Plan to go to some parks-where you can teach your child about plants-, to bridges-especially those with history behind them-, or to libraries to let them explore all the books available inside. It will be more interesting if you can take him to police or fire station. This can help you explain about job opportunities. Even better, he can see for himself.These outdoor activities can offer a variety of experiences that you simply cannot teach at home. And that will surely enrich your child's knowledge. The community, in which you live, whether it is small or large, has an endless supply of educational opportunity for the homeschooler. And you'd better use it wisely.There's no substitute for your child's own experience. That is why homeschooling has a very big advantage. Your child won't be just sitting in classroom. He will experience himself the learning process.Grasp other parenting and child education tips at and how to live a healthy life at
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