David Beckham - Will He Save Major League Soccer Or Is He Just A Big Gimmick

       By: CJ Carter
Posted: 2007-08-21 17:28:37
In much the same way Nike signed Michael Jordan in the 80's to save their company, MLS signed David Beckham to do just the same. The question is will Beckham display the same dominance which Jordan displayed during the 90's and take MLS to the level of brand recognition that a $250 million dollar deal should buy.David Beckham is fresh from winning the National Championship in Spain. He played for the Real Madrid team, the most dominant team in all of Spain. They have won La Liga championship 30 times. La Liga is the highest rated soccer league in all of Europe. But winning titles isn't anything new to Beckham who has won more than 10 major championships with teams during his professional career.But now Beckham is on the biggest stage of them all. Real Madrid paid Beckham 41 million USD over 5 years to play for their club. But their deal is mere scraps in comparison to the $250 million dollar deal on the table which David Beckham accepted to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. He has had a star studded welcome since his arrival state side. But why shouldn't he? He is a bonified superstar. He's a certified champion. It is the hopes of MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy that David Beckham and continue his winning ways and create a dynastic cult like following with the Los Angeles Galaxy.If Beckham can bring multiple championships to the Los Angeles Galaxy he will be a modern day Pele. But if he doesn't win multiple championships he will have failed in the eyes of MLS. He is being welcomed into MLS to catapult it to the fever of NFL or NBA status. Tiger Woods did it in golf for the PGA Tour. So maybe Beckham can do it in soccer for MLS.We hope that you've enjoyed this article and we look forward to your continued readership. The staff at Later Gator Inc can be contacted M-F 9am - 10pm central time. Later Gator Inc is an industry leader in Wholesale Jordans. Call them at 800-211-0450 today.
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