Ordering Proofs and Samples

       By: Steve Bergeron
Posted: 2007-08-09 18:00:29
There are two ways to order invitations. You can either order them online or you can order them onsite from a local invitation dealer. The benefit to ordering onsite from a local dealer is that you can physically feel and see what the actual invitation is before you order it. When online, all you have to go on is a picture. This brings up a few things to consider when ordering samples and proofs.If ordering from a local dealer ordering a sample invitation is not necessary. This is because the samples you see in the books are exactly what you will get (only difference being that your details will be printed on the invite). When ordering samples you are basically saying that you want them to send you the actual invite so you can see and feel it without placing your official order in large quantities. Having the sample invitation in the store that you can see and touch eliminates this from being an issue. While looking through the books all you would need is a proof once you have decided on an invitation and design.When ordering invitations online things change just a bit. Online invitation shopping is by far the most convenient way to go but you loose the benefit of actually being able to physically touch and see the invitations as they truly are. Although in most cases the pictures on the invitations websites will do the invitation justice it still might behoove you to order a sample especially if you are at all nervous. Ordering actual samples is a little more expensive than just getting a proof but it can be an inexpensive way to set you at ease in the end.Regardless of whether or not you are ordering from a local dealer or from an online invitation store it is critical to have a proof emailed to you. Again, this will cost a few extra bucks but will save you from making a costly mistake. Getting proofs should be mandatory as opposed to an option. Just know that without requesting a proof when you submit information to an invitation dealer they will print exactly what you have written and send them to you. You have to hope and prey that you and the invitation company gets it right the first time. Invitation companies will assume that what you have written is accurate and at times will take certain liberties when formatting your invitations. This is why it is critical to order proof before placing your final order. Proofs are your safety net. Proofs buy you time to double check your work and the work of the invitation company. It buys you a few extra days to reconsider your words, make changes, adjust the format, and decide on the exact quantity before placing the official order.Hopefully this article has demonstrated the importance of samples and proofs. For more ideas and tips see other article posted on this website.
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