Practival Tips For New Models - Contract Scams

       By: Stefan Orenda
Posted: 2007-07-17 11:14:30
One of the biggest scams that new models face are "Agents" and "Agencies" looking for naive girls with stars in their eyes and a common trick is passing a Managers Agreement off as an Agencies Contract. The best way to avoid signing into something you may not want is first, know the difference between an Agent and a Manager.An Agency or Agent is a company or individual that puts models and clients looking for models together, like a match-maker. As compensation for bringing these two together they receive a fee from either the client OR from a percentage of what the model makes from the gig.IMPORTANT: The model NEVER pays an agency to find them work. The Agency only makes money if the model makes money.Now a Manager is a little different. This is a person HIRED by the model to Manage their career. You usually only hire a manager after you have made it and you need someone to negotiate all the offers you get. In this scenario the model does pay the manager and is also responsible expenses incurred in the process of doing the managing, i.e. phone calls, mailing, gas, etc.This is where the scam comes in. Many so-called agents try and get model to sign manager agreements making the models legally responsible for reimbursements and even salary.To avoid this READ, READ, READ every line of the contract. If there is ANY mention of reimbursements or compensation outside of the usual percentage of your paid gigs then don't sign it. If you don't think you understand the legal Blah Blah, ask to take a copy of the contract with you -- before signing -- and have someone look it over with you. If the "agent" has any objections to this then most likely they are probably up to something shady!Another good tip is, when you go to an agency for a meeting, don't take your wallet. These people can be very persuasive and can have you handing over your credit cars before you know it. So if you leave them at home it will give you the opportunity to step away and have time to think about things first.
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