"I Do!" The Commitment of Chemical Services

       By: Dwayne Pressley
Posted: 2006-06-05 20:19:13
Debating upon getting a chemicals service? Here are a few things you may want to take into consideration when making your decision. Just because most do not understand how much of a commitment a chemical service can be, I've decided to give you some insight. Let's say for example you decide to get an all over color. Depending upon how fast your hair grows, how long your hair is and how far away you deviate from your natural hair color, you may need your roots touched up every 6-8 weeks (not to mention the necessary deep conditioning treatments).To illustrate, what I am saying, imagine a woman with short dark brown hair, wanting to be an all over blonde. Because the two colors (dark brown and blonde) are a large contrast, her roots will appear to have grown out faster. The shorter she wears her hair, the more obvious these roots will be (which means she will need her roots touched up more often).Staying closer to your natural color means you can go longer between touching up the roots, but colors closer to your natural color won't stand out as much.When dealing with relaxers, keep in mind as soon as you get your hair relaxed, maintaining it is mandatory, not optional! If you go too long without getting the roots touched up, you will find that your hair will break off from the point where your relaxed hair and new growth meet (this meeting point is called the line of demarcation).I understand that the majority of women get relaxers in order to save time styling, but may have never taken up keep (via products, salon visits, etc) into consideration.I strongly advise you…to NEVER place a chemical on a child’s head, EVER! Listen, I am a licensed professional that receives money for services rendered, and I refuse to do it! Over the long run, the damage is just not worth it. I suggest waiting until after adolescence before performing chemical services. I realize that professionals have various opinions on this subject. You've just witnessed mine.So before you say “I do” know exactly what you are getting yourself into. From the initial cost, and maintenance to the overall commitment.
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